Turning Social Feeds Into Business Leads White Paper

Social media represents an important marketing frontier for the automotive industry. Ninety-four percent of millennial car buyers—the industry’s largest and fastest-growing demographic, gather information online, and 38 percent of consumers say they will consult social media in making their next car purchase. Based on these facts, senior marketers recognize social’s capacity to deliver actionable, real-time insights that can help drive overall marketing effectiveness.

“Turning Social Feeds Into Business Leads,” a research report by the CMO Council argues that the auto industry ecosystem should do more to leverage social media as a platform for driving business leads into sales pipelines. Based on interviews with senior marketers and executives from auto manufacturers, dealer networks, aftermarket service providers and B2B automotive solutions companies, the report finds that senior marketers are highly interested in developing and using new systems and processes to leverage social more effectively for lead acquisition and acceleration. However, most say they are only in the very early stages of the process and often express caution about possible brand reputation issues when overtly marketing to individuals on social media.

This report contains a number of valuable and actionable insights, including:

  • Campaigns focused on cars generate much higher consumer engagement and interest than other social media initiatives, such as charitable causes
  • Reputation management is seen as potentially the most critical aspect of social marketing, with consumer-generated content and commentary having a huge influence on purchasing decisions
  • Marketers view social media as most effective when integrated with other channels and marketing approaches
  • Many view social analytics as an invaluable source of insight for other digital and offline marketing efforts

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