Demystifying Social Intelligence Marketing

January 9, 2017 6:41 am

There are various definitions of Social Intelligence floating around the virtual space. What it really means is this — With the vast amount of information available online today, there is a huge amount of intelligence available as well. This intelligence allows you to improve upon what you are already doing in your business and it also allows you to keep your edge against the competition. Social Intelligence Marketing pertains to socio-psychological marketing and advertising strategies and tactics. Niche technology players are those that have recognized there’s no easy way to do this, hence they have developed an advanced intelligent platform... Read More

What will you see this year?

January 2, 2017 10:56 am

Increasing number of people on social media networks has led to increasing amount of data on the web. Millions of people are conversing online. It’s more impofrtant than ever to listen, understand, and “be social.” In 2014 you will see the maturing of technology that will make it easier to “do and be social” at scale. Currently there are tools that do monitoring. Other technologies do custom tab Facebook apps well. Some platforms are better for Twitter monitoring, management and publishing. Some tools help customer service departments, and some manage appointment calendars. The tools are separate and disconnected. Some have... Read More