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What will you see this year?

January 2, 2017 10:56 am By

Increasing number of people on social media networks has led to increasing amount of data on the web. Millions of people are conversing online. It’s more impofrtant than ever to listen, understand, and “be social.” In 2014 you will see the maturing of technology that will make it easier to “do and be social” at scale. Currently there are tools that do monitoring. Other technologies do custom tab Facebook apps well. Some platforms are better for Twitter monitoring, management and publishing. Some tools help customer service departments, and some manage appointment calendars.
The tools are separate and disconnected. Some have been free and have been built on the freemium model. Basic features for free and the more complex functionality commands a monthly or annual subscription.

So what will a perfect social media at scale technology start to look like this year?

• It will be a single enterprise-scale platform with built-in modules to support all social media lead gen, lead cultivation, campaign management, analytics, and brand management activities
• It will have complex technology at the back-end to enable a simple and easy-to-use, automated front-end.
• It will have big data processing capabilities designed solely for the automotive industry
• It will enable the user to post content from one dashboard to multiple social networks
• It will have inbuilt templates so that landing pages on websites and social networks can be set up easily and quickly
• It will provide tools that allow Facebook and twitter campaigns
• It will integrate into existing CRM systems
• It will enable other marketing channels such as email, location-based SMS, telephony, and web re-targeting
• It will amplify positive brand reviews and sentiments about a dealer or a brand/product
• It will allow multiple user access and editing controls for teams to manage social at scale
• It will have a dashboard with actionable information

The big end of town will get it first but also expect to see the small to medium enterprises receive the benefit of this technology over time that is affordable and efficient..

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