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Chief Scientist and Data Wiz



Dr. Cranium of hoojook

Dr. Cranium is a devout scholar and advocate of data science. He boasts a well-equipped laboratory where he spends most of his time, inventing data analysis elixirs and finding ways to bring life and action to the mysterious world of Social media and the ocean of data therein. He has been working tirelessly to create the world’s first, comprehensive social media data analytics & intelligent platform for the automotive industry. When he is not researching and creating mathematical models, he is busy teaching students his art. It is known that he is a frequent world traveler, gathering scientific data and forming observations about various people and their purchasing behavior.

Dr. Cranium claims that there are five primal elements – Fire, Water, Earth, Air, and Data. That’s why he has spent a lot of time writing about this fifth elusive element called Data related to social media. His scholarly work titled, “A social network approach to change detection in the interdependence structure of global stock markets,” and “Social Network Analysis and Mining,” are outcomes of his independent research projects.