Social Listening & Response

Analyze the Voice of the Customer Across Multiple Channels

Hoojook’s comprehensive sentiment analysis and “listening” tool is the next generation in customer analytics applications that helps organizations leverage the voice of the customer as a business asset. hoojook sets new industry standards for accuracy, scalability and ease of use, making it possible for large enterprise organizations to analyze high volumes of customer conversations across multiple channels —including social media, emails, survey responses, text messages, CRM notes and more— and quickly extract valuable insights to drive business decisions.

Analyze Online and Social Media Conversations

hoojook lets you monitor and analyze millions of online sources for customer intelligence. It delivers a wide variety of web widgets that help you track and analyze ongoing campaigns running on the hoojook platform and review relevant conversations about your brands, products, competitors, and more. It helps you identify influential opinion leaders and sources, understand sentiment and issues, and keep on top of industry trends. hoojook accurately and automatically identifies the many different “voices” that customers use to express their feedback (e.g., negative voice, positive voice, intent, etc.), which helps you identify key events such as propensity-to-buy, or switch brand loyalty.

hoojook’s sophisticated back-end analytics make it possible for organizations to extract unprecedented business insights from customer conversations; including:

  • Customer behavior profiling
  • Customer satisfaction index
  • Detailed sentiment analysis
  • Trends
  • Emerging issues
  • Customer opinion

hoojook provides the most comprehensive, accurate solution on the market today for understanding multi-channel customer conversations in the automotive domain. Using our world-class analytics vehicle, hoojook transforms the information available from emails, surveys, CRM and call center notes, and other sources into actionable insights that reveal customer sentiments and trends.

Social Response

Multi-Channel Social Engagement & Campaigns

hoojook campaign management is an enterprise-class multi-channel solution that operationalizes social media engagement at scale.

Listen and Respond to Social Media Conversations

The hoojook communications vehicle is specifically designed to help marketers listen and respond to relevant conversations across social networks in addition to handling channels for e-mail, location-based sms, telephony, web, etc. hoojook eliminates the need for point solutions by providing the following communication channels that are built into the hoojook platform: Twitter, Facebook, Email, SMS, Location-Based SMS, Web, and Telephony.

hoojook provides a “smart social” working environment for marketers with reminders, notes, inter-platform communications and more to track information across various activities happening on the hoojook platform. hoojook enables multi-channel communication, where marketers can start a response on Twitter, move to a DM exchange, to email, create a Facebook campaign, generate a multi-channel coupon campaign on all social media channels email and a simultaneous email, SMS and web. Marketers can send out automated responses with customizable templates. Managers can use the supervisor access to “approve” and keep track of what goes outbound. They can also set up review queues for training, escalations, alerts, or watch high priority queues.

Key capabilities of the hoojook automated social response and campaign management system for the automotive industry include:

  • Automate all of your enterprise social media activities including campaign management, social responding and reporting
  • Spot opportunities to win new business from customers frustrated with the competition’s products or services
    Customer satisfaction improvements as marketers spend less time in low-impact social media marketing and engage only with qualified leads
  • Improve customer experience and the company’s brand reputation
  • Twitter: 1:1 communication with potential customers mass message with an identified list of customers open to receiving messages from organizations provide the ability to plan and schedule messages, aid in load balancing to help with Twitter message limitations and more
  • Facebook: creating and publishing unlimited Facebook campaigns including coupon and other industry-related promotions, identifying fans and influencers and engaging with them 1:1
  • SMS: scheduling and publishing mobile campaigns to customer who opt-in, provide the ability to create opt-in campaigns both by email and web
  • Location-Based SMS: Schedule and send mobile messages based on a customer’s real-time location near a dealer or servicing location
  • Web: create and publish landing pages (microsites or web pages) with promotional communications and collateral
  • Telephony: automatic web-based calling to potential customers to confirm appointments for vehicle sales and/or servicing
  • Industry-specific templates for use in any or all of the above channels
  • A built-in compliance mechanism to ensure marketers adhere to corporate policies

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