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The Night Owl CEO



Who needs sleep when you’re around a bunch of exceptionally smart people?

I backed into my marketing and management career following the footsteps of my technology marketing mentors in Silicon Valley. Over the past fifteen years I’ve had wonderful opportunities to work with major companies in various industries. I found my place when I founded hoojook. I focused on the singular goal of creating a better customer experience (I am still trying everyday with UI changes) and a practical solution for marketing. When I am not hoojooking, I am reading, writing. I follow a simple motto: always be learning. There are many ways to go about it, but cracking open an insightful read is rarely a bad idea (at least in my experience).
I am a techno philanthropist (that’s why I like Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg so much), pausing now and then at the intersection of technology and philanthropy. With the technology we have today, and with the innovations being worked on, anyone with an Internet connection, a few dollars to give, and the time to do a little digging can become a more-informed donor. And this is what makes technology beautiful.
We are a bunch of green and tech aficionados here. If you work with hoojook, you are automatically included in this circle of mad hatters or hoojookers (don’t worry, we will not ask “Why is a raven like a writing desk?”)

Odd Jobs

Crime reporter at the age of 20 (for one year)

On the Nightstand

The dreaded alarm clock, an iPad and, when there’s time, my Samsung Galaxy and my iPhone charging

On the Bookshelf

‘The Effortless Experience’ by Matthew Dixon et al and ‘The Sports Gene’ by David Epstein

Leaves a hole in my pocket

Leisure travel

Spend some time on

My 13-year old daughter who is a Team USA member for Table Tennis (yes, ping pong), and currently training for the next set of International tournaments in Canada and South America.

Strange Hobbies

I’m a philatelist and a teapot collector. I can probably boast the largest collection of most unique teapots in the world including some one-of-a-kind (antique, rare vintage) pieces of Sadler teapots.

Greatest Accomplishment

Earning Black Belt in Judo

Greatest Fear