Marketing used to be easy…sort of!!

January 23, 2017 2:16 pm By

It used to be one channel. Television or radio. Magazine or newspapers. Direct mail, email or telemarketing. You planned and set up your marketing campaigns for the year. They started and finished. You moved onto the next one. That was it. They worked or didn’t work. You got leads that had to be qualified.

Digital marketing is a continual treadmill. Publishing the content (promotion). Then monitoring the engagement and responding to Facebook comments and Twitter streams needs to be attended to. And then the most important step – identify leads from the online world and cultivate them – this is the critical step that most companies fail to do either because of lack of resources, automation or knowledge about the area.

The reality is that marketing has moved from only “campaign marketing” to multiple streams of “continuous marketing“. Marketing has now become a big daily commitment.

That is a problem — because to do it properly and efficiently, you need the technology and tools to do it at scale. You need an easy service – log in, click a few buttons, voila – you generate your leads, your online campaign is ready and your messages are sent to your leads. Automotive marketers have this platform now. It is so easy to use that even a college intern can manage it for you.

You can create, publish, promote and manage a continual social media campaign.
You can identify leads, source potential customers, analyze customer behavior for automotive products and services.
You can see this information in an easily consumable and actionable dashboard customized for you.

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