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Leap in Location targeting

January 13, 2017 5:58 am By

Text messaging has permanently changed the way people communicate. And it’s here to stay because people are more tied to their phones than ever before. A recent survey of automotive mobile shoppers tells us that they are far along into the purchase process with some shoppers looking for ratings and dealership reviews while almost 50% are looking for pricing information. Shoppers are also looking for information about dealer inventory and photos and colors of the car. A whopping 70% have already decided on trim and options, indicating they are looking for specifically equipped vehicles to purchase. Savvy dealers have jumped on the bandwagon by texting with customers to set up appointments, answer questions, and close the deal.

Now take the power of texting, tie it with location, and layer it on top of past behavior for more relevant messaging – voila! You have taken a huge leap ahead to engage your customers in a powerful and intimate manner. Let’s take an example scenario —   hoojook  can/will find customers who were previously at a ski resort, let’s say, in Denver. Then hoojook will send a mobile ad to these customers with a link to your service center’s ‘snow chain and winter service’ coupon or micro site which is mobile-optimized. This type of campaign underscores a bigger trend that takes location-marketing up many notches. Instead of just focusing on the location of a customer, you are now able to layer location on top of past behavior for more targeted marketing.

hoojook mobile engagement solution is designed to maximize sales opportunities for dealers.

Here are some of the capabilities (the boring but important stuff):

Unique text [Code] functionality
hoojook mobile solution makes it simple to get unique text codes for your vehicle inventory. These codes can be promoted in all marketing channels, such as vehicle listings in print ads, online ads, and TV ads .

Each text inquiry receives an auto-text response with a link back to a corresponding mobile-optimized landing page (vehicle detail page, dealer page, offer page, etc.):

Meanwhile, customer information is sent to you, providing a new source of qualified leads and an easy way to track ROI on marketing campaigns:

Mobile landing pages
The mobile-optimized landing pages to which text inquires are directed are professionally designed and incorporate your dealership’s branding. Landing pages make use of clean, responsive design that renders correctly on virtually all mobile devices. hoojook can even create mobile sites for you using your existing domain.

Get started with hoojook’s mobile engagement solution for dealers
We are making continuous upgrades and enhancements to our mobile products as the mobile automotive customer continues to evolve.If you’d like more information about hoojook’s mobile engagement solution or have specific questions about how this texting technology can help your dealership, please get in touch at any time at or

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