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Demystifying Social Intelligence Marketing

January 9, 2017 6:41 am By

There are various definitions of Social Intelligence floating around the virtual space. What it really means is this — With the vast amount of information available online today, there is a huge amount of intelligence available as well. This intelligence allows you to improve upon what you are already doing in your business and it also allows you to keep your edge against the competition.

Social Intelligence Marketing pertains to socio-psychological marketing and advertising strategies and tactics. Niche technology players are those that have recognized there’s no easy way to do this, hence they have developed an advanced intelligent platform to help marketers play in this area.

How advanced social media intelligence helps your automotive business

Social media intelligence has tremendous potential when it comes to working your strategy and encouraging you to make important decisions for your business. The information that you acquire, which comes from all over social networks, will be so valuable that it will allow you to move your business to the next level. Your richest source is actually people and their opinions. When it comes to gathering competitive intelligence and getting a leg up that way, you no longer have to go the traditional route and rely on skewed research results. It is now much easier to gather customers’ opinions instantaneously and in their purest form. This is bound to positively affect your success rate with marketing.

The buying decisions of customers are changing: Advanced social intelligence is allowing a better understanding of the decisions that customers are making and the path that they take in order to arrive at a buying decision. As a marketer, the more deeply you understand your customer’s motivation and their buying decisions, the more effectively you can sell your offerings.

Insights into customers at a deeper level: With most existing solutions, you may have had an understanding of mass sentiment and preference, sometimes called trend analysis (for example, which way public opinion is swayed during the election season or a mass market brand popularity index of Sony). But now you need a much deeper understanding of your potential customers and of what truly motivates them. The intelligence that you are able to gather will be invaluable to you and you can feel secure in the knowledge that that information is reliable. See hoojook social CRM platform for assistance in this area.

  • Developing the product: You can use the advanced social intelligence that you have gathered to improve your products and/or services. The intelligence will help you to do that and there is no better way to gain that knowledge than listening to your customers. They have nothing to lose by being honest with you and the intelligence will take you very far in your quest to improve your offerings.
  • Performing competitive analyses: Advanced social intelligence is a wonderful and effective tool for gathering the results of competitive analyses. It is critical for you to gain insight on your competition regarding the behavior of customers, the way the competitors’ products/brands are being used, and much more valuable information.
  • Understanding your customers: It is critical that you view your customers as human beings. You should make a point of learning about what they like and don’t like (not just on a professional level), you should learn about their hobbies, interests and their points of view on all sorts of things. You should learn about what auto service need they have, which dealer they like or dislike and why. And so much more.

Advanced social intelligence can provide you with a wealth of information that you never would have been able to acquire before. Take full advantage of it. The folks at hoojook have developed a platform designed from the ground-up solely to meet the social intelligence and marketing  needs of the automotive industry.

hoojook’s DACISITM (Domain Aware Context Injected Social Intelligence) platform is a patent-pending Social Intelligence Platform that is domain sensitive (for the automotive domain) and context-aware. It employs NLP and machine learning algorithms (supervised & unsupervised) for web and social media data (structured & unstructured) analysis..

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