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Common lead conversion mistakes

February 6, 2017 5:36 am By

Most dealerships struggle with getting a hold of potential customers at the right time. Sometimes, simply going back to basics helps identify how conversion rates could be higher.

Too many leads
Sales reps have too many leads to work through, and most of the times they use a random method to pick who they speak to.  They don’t have a defined process by which they can select those leads that have the highest probability to close neither do they have an insight to the type of personality they are calling. This makes the “cold call” even colder. What they need to know is exactly when the lead expressed a desire to purchase, if the lead is warm and friendly or curt and to-the-point(i.e. personality type) and what brand/s they like (past preference).

Calling customers at the wrong time
Sales reps focus too much on getting through every lead every day without changing their process or methodology. For example, if they consistently can’t get a hold of someone by phone at 6 pm everyday, then they should try the prospect at a different time or use a different method of contact.

Method of contact
Many sales reps reach out only via e-mail, or by phone. If calling, they usually leave bland messages that don’t elicit a return call. They don’t examine their customers’ behavior to understand what the best opportunity/medium is for contact. They need to use new mediums of communications which are considered “non-invasive.” They should text-message or social-message the customer via sites like twitter, linked-in and facebook.

Content of communication
When reaching out via email or text or social media, sales people still don’t have the art of content down. Customers like to see customized communication focused solely on them and their need, not mass messages. If they want to be ahead of the game, they should use information about their customers such as what color they like, what brand, what type and even things like how many children they have or don’t have, etc. (thus being able to pitch a two-seater or a seven-seater).

When optimizing your lead conversion processes, consider the above points, and remember: Dealers need to step into the customer’s buying process, not force the customer to their selling process. At hoojook, we can identify leads, as well as qualify your leads with enough information to enable you to make a customized pitch at the right time and via the right medium..

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