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Lead capture

Feb 6, 2017

Common lead conversion mistakes

Most dealerships struggle with getting a hold of potential customers at the right time. Sometimes, simply going back to basics helps identify how conversion rates could be higher. Too many... Read More

Jan 23, 2017

Marketing used to be easy…sort of!!

It used to be one channel. Television or radio. Magazine or newspapers. Direct mail, email or telemarketing. You planned and set up your marketing campaigns for the year. They started... Read More


Jan 16, 2017

Start wooing, Get social, Be a hoojooker

Most marketers still don’t get it – they still treat social media as they do traditional marketing channels like direct mail or email. They don’t need to “do social,” they... Read More

Internet of things

Jan 13, 2017

Leap in Location targeting

Text messaging has permanently changed the way people communicate. And it’s here to stay because people are more tied to their phones than ever before. A recent survey of automotive... Read More


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