BI Dashboards

Most organizations have a robust BI infrastructure in place and if not BI software, they have lot of data that they are collecting on a day-to-day basis. However, if this data/information isn’t easy to access, analyze or understand, it is pointless. This is where data visualization comes into play. Dashboards are the best way to gain insight into an organization and its various departments, operations and performance. Well-built, focused dashboards easily serve up summaries and reports of the BI and business operation results that’s most critical to the organization. Through dashboards, organizations can quickly identify current and historical performance, proactively identify issues, minimize costs and strive to exceed performance expectations. Dashboards have been used and implemented by many different industries, from automotive to oil & gas, healthcare, HR, marketing, sales, logistics, or IT. It doesn’t matter from which business you’re coming from or how big your company is, you always want effective results and clear actions to be taken after an issue is discovered.

The hoojook platform incorporates a BI Dashboard with Drag-and-Drop Visualization and Reporting Widgets. With its turnkey reporting wizard and analysis tools, hoojook offers a drag-and-drop approach and out-of-the-box widgets that allow users to quickly and easily review information around key themes such as customer sentiment, preference analysis, opinions, emerging trends, competitor analysis, brand traction, and weather condition requiring service action and more. The hoojook dashboard (with easy data visualization) is customizable for any company in any industry. In addition hoojook also provides an integrated social media feed view as part of its dashboard, so that you can listen, engage and measure all conversations happening on all of your business social media accounts from one simple interface.

The most important factors to a dashboard’s success is whether it communicates the relevant set of data, whether it is customizable and whether it drives you to action that will impact the business positively. A dashboard also needs to deliver context so that there are no varying individual interpretations of the displayed data. Tactical dashboards help guide users through the decision process. They capitalize on the interactive nature of dashboards by providing users the ability to explore the data.

Hoojook can create and customize any dashboard for your business. Contact us today to see a demo of hoojook’s tactical and analytical dashboards with context.