Our Team

Ms. Fix-it-all Director



Keeping hoojok all together 24/7.

My career has been all about product delivery, organization, multi-tasking, and attention to detail. I spent 20 years in engineering and project management, figuring out creative ways to manage a non-stop global workflow to hit customer deadlines.

I can’t seem to turn off the organizing or creativity at quitting time, because in my free time, I’ll scrapbook anything that’s not nailed down. I am as real a CrackBerry as can be though now I prefer my iPhone simply because of my iTunes collection that keeps my sanity in place when all hell is breaking loose around me (which is quite often). I was trained in one of the best engineering schools in the world (IIT) and my reputation from college days stuck with me – Always-on!

Odd Jobs

Keeping official score for Junior League cricket games

On the Nightstand

iPhone, TV remote, and water bottle

On the Bookshelf Now

Many scrapbooks in various stages of completion

Leaves a hole in my pocket

Eating out

Spend some time on

“Green” farming

Greatest Fear

Disappointing myself