AI-Powered Sales & Customer Engagement Platform

The hoojook platform is an AI-powered SaaS platform to guide businesses to build better pipelines, focus on ROI-generating customer acquisition techniques, improve online reputation, and close more deals. It includes a customizable dashboard that provides insights to answer the kinds of complex questions that drive customer engagement, brand management and revenue lift. hoojook’s custom AI models are trained on enriched, augmented data set to answer targeted questions, specifically tailored to your market, product or business unit. Those models continuously learn as your business evolves.

Data Mining & Analysis for revenue lift

Data is the secret sauce and the only way for AI to deliver meaningful results. A lot of organizational data is trapped in silos or legacy systems and is often outdated or duplicate. There is also a wealth of data online about your customers, your brand, your competitors and your market. You need to use cross-company data with your CRM data and web data to target and prioritize the right people, based on who is most likely to connect and buy. The hoojook platform extracts value from any data source, and cleans it up before applying custom machine-learning models tailored to your business and market. AI highlights strengths and weaknesses in your pipeline to identify unique customer clusters.

Customer Engagement for brand management and reviews

Leverage AI insights with sales communication tools to increase your engagement, improve customer satisfaction and improve your reputation.

Dynamic dashboard for better decision-making

An easy-to-use dashboard enables you to identify real-time issues and decide which customer clusters to focus on, when to “touch” them, and with which marketing/communications channel.

The dashboard will empower you to answer complex business questions like:

  • Which deals should I work?
  • Am I servicing my customer effectively?
  • Am I reaching out to them at the right time and in the right way?
  • Are any of my customers unhappy?
  • How is my brand perceived vis-à-vis my competitors’?
  • Are my happy customers bringing me new customers?
  • Who are my potential customers and for which service?
  • Who are the best customers for upsell or cross-sell?
  • What’s the risk of customer attrition, and how can I prevent it?