About Us

hoojook, based out of Silicon Valley, CA, provides a cloud-based social media intelligence and a social marketing SaaS system for the automotive industry. hoojook was founded on two primary beliefs — 1. Marketing platforms should be simple, automated, easy-to-use, scalable, always-on, and always connected. 2. Data analytics should drive marketing, brand, and sales action.

We have spent all our lives as marketers, social media experts, database designers, cloud computing and big data experts, developers, and marketing solution providers. “Curation”, “aggregation”, “amplification”, are normal parts of our everyday vocabulary.

hoojook helps the automotive industry identify new prospects, create custom marketing campaigns, and manage brand. The hoojook (patent-pending) big data analytics engine transforms the chaos of social chatter into actionable information for the automotive industry. hoojook also has the most comprehensive brand and online reputation management solution for any business or site in the automotive industry.

LISTEN, ANALYZE, CONNECT, CONVERT, DELIGHT, MEASURE. With hoojook, know what people are saying about your products, services, and industry, understand what they want, engage with them to build a life-long relationship, measure your sales action and ROI.

Meet our Leadership


Shauli Chaudhuri

The Night Owl CEO


Uttam Sarkar, Ph.D.

Chief Scientist and Data Wiz


Amita Dhand

Ms. Fix-it-all Director